Theme: Society

The Leader

They gather
close-knit like a family
Johnny – dirty, stinking
from unchanged, unwashed clothes.

Myra – pimpled, filthy
with uncombed hair
(they fall into place after a wash, she says)

Santosh – jobless
striving to get one
through his drunkenness...
but employers have seen him ‘high’.

Jugnu – works during the day
slave of his father
and smokes at night.

Zed – father of two
jobless, living on his parents.
He washes and bathes his kids
for which he demands
two meals a day.
His wife called Vamp
does nothing too
except stand as a Leader
of weaker minds.
Every night she throws a party
but does not pay for it.
Those who frequent it
are those
who refuse to admit
they have minds of their own.

Vamp laughs and says
carry on grooving!
Dissolve yourself in oblivion.
Go jobless
live on parents
after all, it is they who brought you
to the world!
Now that you are in it
forget it!
Smoke, hash, LSD
cocaine and rum
make these your friends.
Live on the streets
leave your homes
your husbands
your children
the sky, the air and the earth
are all your property.

They listen, they agree
they execute
while she lives cosily
in her high-priced, high-rise flat
and looks on
and laughs!

A series of Past tense – poems from 1972 – 1986


More By  :  Julia Dutta

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