Theme: Agony

Headless Daughter

O, whose daughter, whose daughter is lying lifeless
Near the tracks,
Lifeless and in blood,
Oh, the headless body
Unrecognizable and unidentifiable!

The poor little soul trapped in between
Nasty politics and its handlers
And the ultras bombarding,
Making the tragedy happen
By damaging the tracks.

The train came chugging and had been on the long way
But it lost control of the missing track and derailed,
Resulting in the death of many,
Oh, the Gyaneswari Express!

And in the midst of all that,
The mangled wreckage and debris
Saw I the poor daughter of mine
Lying lifeless, bloodless.

And on marking her, spotting the body,
Lost I all the hope that was good in life,
O God, called I, what have You,
What are You showing me, all this!

Again saw I the same little and lovely
Daughter on her way to school
Succumbing to midday meal
Cooked and served by community cooks
And giving away of life.

If this be the picture, what to say of it more,
How to view it as life,
What to say thereof,
My God?

The dead daughter, the photo of the headless daughter,
Lying near the railway tracks of the accident site,
Again going to school to die after consuming toxic food,
Am I to see it, my God?

O God, how long will You go on showing me
Such a gruelling bloody sight and scene,
O God, how long, how long You
And how long shall I go on seeing them?


More By  :  Bijay Kant Dubey

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