Theme: Humour

Emotional Fools

The rescue operation was going on
As the skyscraper was in the blaze
And turned into a towering inferno…
In a frenzy of the rescue mission
The last batch of stranded people
Six men and a woman
Were freely hanging on a rope
When the fireman on the job
Noticed a crack in the rope.
Apologetically he cautioned – I’m sorry
But the rope can’t take so much of load
So one of you will have to make sacrifice
For the sake of others’ lives and offload
Lest all of you may fall to death.
There was a pin drop silence
With anxiety on the faces of all
As no one was willing to risk his life
Finally the woman cleared her throat
And conceded regretfully -
I think I will have to take call…
Now she made an emotional speech -
All along in every walk of life
We women are made to sacrifice
In childhood for our brother(s) and kin
After marriage for husband and in-laws
Profession and career for households  
At mature age for our children at large
So no regrets I am ready to give up life.
Bravo! Bravo!
There was a thunderous applause
All the men instantly started clapping
And how amazing* was the free fall!

(* :)All men were saved with ground rescue team ready with net)


More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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