Theme: Death

I Remember...

I remember
The end of Socrates,
Oedipus, Antigone
And the whole lot.

I remember
The end Krishna, Rama,
Buddha and Christ.

I remember
The end of Faustus and Tamburlaine,
Dido and the Duchess of Malfi,
And those who sought
Beyond their lot.

I remember
The end of Lear,
Othello, Hamlet and Macbeth,
Cordelia, Cleopatra and Cressida,
Ophelia, Juliet, etcetra.

I remember
The end of Henchard,
Jude and Oak,
Lucetta and Tess
When Destiny made a mess.

I remember
The end of Dante, Burns, Rousseau,
Shelley, Keats and Yeats
And others in this fete.

I remember
How Beckett and Galileo died
And St. Joan was burnt alive
For their message of light.

I remember
The end of Napoleon, Diana and De Gaulle,
Lincoln, Kennedy
And Martin Luther King,
Caligulla and Hitler,
Gandhi, Indira and Rajiv.

I remember
The lingering death

Of my father and mother
And many a kith and kin.

I wept, weep,
Cry, sigh and bleed
That relax and fleece
The ever-deepening pain
From where will come
The healing of the failing
Health and heart
And endure ceaselessly
The designs of the dark,
And helplessly watch
The snapping of ties
In severance of life from life?

I remember
All my own
And look forward to its end
In the same vein!

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More By  : Prof. R. K. Bhushan

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