Theme: Longing

Missing You

The day is the same
Like any other day,
A few varied shades
And some varied words
To ponder and say

The sun rose alone
And so did it set
The moon is rising now
Would be time for bed

Amidst the sun and the moon
The day and the night
The sameness and the variance
A feeling so consistent
So very deep, so very insistent
Persistent and Incisive
In my heart

And I express it to you
Like ever before
Yes, the same old feeling
For the same old love
For the very same Beloved
From a lover's heart

Telling him,
Writing to him
Expressing herself
In all abundance,
These words of love
Flowing in tears
Making their way
Without any fears

Nay, I don't dread anyone
Pray, let me say to you,
That the whole day through
I've been badly as before -
Missing you, Missing you
Missing you, My Love

And would always do
Forever and a day
From so far away
I can only say
For you to feel
For once, My Love
Think not with your mind
Feel with your heart
The depth of my feelings
As ever before
And as always
From me to you.

The absence of You
Agonizing me, Tormenting me
On such sultry days
When I feel so lonely
Without You -
Wish you could see
The stars in my eyes
Falling and fragmenting
Like the shooting stars
In the sky.

They say:
The shooting stars
Are lucky.
Make your wishes
As you see them fall
And it all comes true.

I wonder
The stars in my eyes
Like broken dreams
And scattered hopes
In a thousand pieces
On the glassy slopes
Of ceaseless tears

Would they be as lucky
To melt your heart
And make you feel
How very much
How very deep
How very often
And how very truly
I mean -
When I say to you,
My Love  that I am
Missing You, Missing You,
Missing You

And would always do
Forever and a day
In every way
Much more than I can say.

Nay, don't use your mind
This is for your heart
To feel for you
To make you feel
How very much
How very deep
And how very often
I really miss you

Like the way
I am now writing to you
For the very Fact
That I am now
Truly, deeply, madly
And so very miserably
Missing You


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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