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There Was...

There was
This girl
At the

I kept
At her

Beauty, I
Kept asking
Why didn't You
Make me like her?

(Not only this girl, there are many such girls I've encountered in my life in all sorts of places like schools, colleges, shopping malls, tourist buses, etc and seeing their beauteous looks, I've often asked God, why did He leave me out of His beautiful garden of wonderful women? ;-) Though, it's a miracle that even after 16 years of marriage, my hubby still finds me Beautiful, even though I've never seen myself as beautiful but just Presentable enough. I guess, the difference in our opinion is to do with the perception that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; so what I may see as beautiful, others may not and vice-versa. That's a lot of beauty talk for now. Bye for Now, Aparna :-)


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