Theme: Retrospection

Love's Labor Lost

It's been a long, lonesome struggle
towards the end of life
I find myself in circles
as if - love's labor lost

You keep coming and going away
in myriad dreams and dithering thoughts
agonizing tears wet my soul
how could I've loved you so much!

Those sparkling eyes
that voice of yours
have never let me down
in fantasies, when reality speaks
dreams are all over
as if: love's labor lost

You were never there for me
how could you, when you were hers
you loved her, she loved you back
what a sweet story
for you, it may be
for me, love's labor lost

Falling in love was easy
consequences unthought of'
your mesmerizing aura
made me forget how reality bites
and it does bite hard!

Just as death draws nearer
my destiny's games are over
It made a fool of me
gave me all but you...

My thirst for your love remains
an unfulfilled wish, a dying desire
perishing off with this body...
Yes it truly is love's labor lost!


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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