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Immortal Love

When you lie beside me
Naked and Bare -
With the warmth of my caresses
Touching you everywhere...
You'll feel the power of my
Passionate Love -
Melting away the icy coldness
In your Persona -
Igniting the effervescent Flame
Of eternal love and endless passion
Those raw desires of human emotion.

Like the beautiful, bright candles of Diwali
And the lovely, fragrant roses of Valentine
Our love will sparkle and shine forever...
With the misty fragrance of togetherness
Like the lingering aroma of scented candles
Which permeates the air and hangs on there...
Long after the candles have flickered out.

So may our love be eternal and effervescent
Like the fragrant roses of Valentine
And the sparkling candles of Diwali.

For no matter -
How many roses wither out,
How many candles blow out,
There is always the Valentine's Day
And the Festival Diwali to celebrate.
Every year, on a special day
With more new roses,
And more lovely candles.

So the essence lives on...
And the celebration too
Just like we celebrate Love
With all its highs and lows
Loving ourselves...
And loving the you in me
And the me in you.

Even if our life fizzles out -
Like the withering roses
And the melting candles
Beyond life unto death,
Beyond death, into after-life...
Our love takes us on, and lives on
Long after we are dead and gone.

And the memories and the remnants
Remain on this Blessed Earth -
The fragments of our love and pain
Inspiring others to carry on
living and loving each other,
Whatever be the weather...
Be it the warm sunshine
Or the stormy rain.

Those memories, those remnants -
In our letters, words and poems
For others to read, relish and cherish
And bless our souls...
Maybe, with their wishes and prayers,
We might become "one" in heaven
After shedding our dualities
On this mortal earth -
When our breathing bodies, die and perish.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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