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A Duet on God and Death

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God's Message To Thee

Live in awe of me,
Live in fear of me,
You're living without me,
Yet you live 'with' me.

The above lines signify that though God is Invisible, yet HE is Omnipresent in our hearts 'n' minds b'cos we are awe-struck at HIS magnificent, celestial creations of Nature's Splendors and are also afraid of HIS Supernatural Powers of subjecting us to HIS Divine Punishment through disease, illness and disasters like Floods, Storms, Earthquakes and Tsunami.


Nothing Changes For Us,
When Someone Else Dies.
Throughout the World,
At this Point of Time -
A Bereaved One Cries...

Reflecting the Reality that there may be scores of Deaths taking place at a given point of time around the Globe, but it hardly affects our diurnal routine, except shattering the lives of their near 'n' dear ones who they leave behind.

The Sun, the Moon, the stars and the sky - they all remain the same for us, rising and setting everyday, and our life goes on as usual with our school, office and home routines, except for those bereaved persons mourning the loss of their loved ones - their life catapults them to an entirely new dimension of existence.

Hard to Live on - yet struggling to survive...for the sake of their progeny and dependents.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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