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Wish I'm
With him
When he
Does all the
With his
And family

It would
Save him
A lot of
That he
With me
His friends
And family

Here 'double talking' implies talking about the same thing twice.
Being my hubby's walkie-talkie diary, I get to know all about his chats.
Even his WhatsApp is open to me though I don't have the time to keep peeping in to see.
When I'm around him while he's talking to others, I feel relieved that he doesn't have to repeat all that to me.

Otherwise, he'll talk to them and then he'll come and talk to me and to see him doing it for so many years - a diary habit that he can't do without - sometimes makes me feel sorry for him, because he gets tired in the process, having spent so much of time and energy in doing all the talking - and if I'm unable to listen to him, having been busy with other errands, he'll email all the details to me, wanting to know my POV (point of view). For instance, today I received 8 emails from him. A lot of reading for me ;-) and writing back to him.

But that's what makes him special and unique - really one of a kind :-)


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