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My Eyes

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Don't look into my eyes, my love
For they would reveal to you'
How much they've waited for you
Waking every night
And crying every day
For years together
And decades of
Thirsting for you
In their every expression
Of silent words they say'

Don't look into my eyes, my love
For they would tell you,
How they felt tired and lost
In their diurnal crusade
Of looking at the empty streets
And hoping to see a glimpse,
A speck of that fleeting image
Of you and you and only you.

Don't look into my eyes, my love
For they would overflow with tears,
The moment they see their Beloved
In you
And they would narrate to you
In all Silence
How very much they missed
Seeing you'
When they opened
Their eyes every morning
After every night's trial and error
Of falling asleep'

And then waking up
In the middle of the night
As if petrified of terror
Those broken dreams would cause
When they have to lose you
From their tranquil sleep to
The harsh, desolate reality
Of you not being there
For them.

Don't look into my eyes, my love
For they have nothing good to tell you,
Besides the pain and the agony
Of a lifetime separation
They have undergone,
Missing you,
Needing you,
And loving you like Crazy.

As if you and me
Were lost parts of a Body
And fragmented pieces
Of a shattered Soul
Trying to solve the Jigsaw
Of where to fit in the parts
Of existence, love and

So that once if they meet,
They don't fall into pieces again
And scatter away
Like the withered leaves
Of the autumn trees
Missing each other
Unto eternity
And searching each other
Unto oblivion.

Don't look into my eyes, my love
For if you ever look into them,
Make them yours forever'
So that wherever they go,
Whatever they seek
Whoever they see'
The roads don't look empty
Any more
Even amidst the crowd
Of teeming strangers

For no matter who is there
On the streets
At home
In the market
Or the library
My eyes would rest awhile
Seek respite,
In the Assurance
Of the Sight
That You being there for them
To kiss a good night's
'sweet dreams'
At the end of their
Daily sojourn
Of meeting people
Reading books
And writing poetry'

Like the way
I am writing to you now
With those very same eyes
That await you everyday, my love
In their dreams, desires
And those very Silent -
Endless flow of
Ceaseless tears'


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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