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by Aparna Chatterjee
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In the evenings
And on the weekends
I have so much 
Catching-up to do
And so for me,
Only Catch-up TV
Will do :-)

Gone are the days when TV was just an idiot box. Now it is not only entertaining but very educating and enriching with such nice documentaries on people, places, politics, natural sciences and technology, that you would not like to miss such precious programs and so what do you do? You don't bother about when they are shown on TV, because you have Catch-up TV which lets you find those programs on the telly....record them and see them later at your convenience, without the annoying ads, as you can play, pause, fast-forward any program that you place in your TV planner. Catch-up TV is truly a blessing in disguise and a scientific innovation that gets my appreciation and recommendation :-)


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