Theme: Passion

Aye Khuda

He is visiting me again.
In boarding school,
He took my mother’s role
Tidied my cupboard,
Helped me make my bed
And during Ramazan
Made me feast on beef kebabs
His name was my friend, Sabina
Again in college
He entered my House
This time changing His clothes
Appealing to my intellect,
He made my heart His home
Yet, I failed to recognize Him
He called himself, Pervez
At work He hounded me
Becoming someone I could not resist
Lubna. She sat before me asking me to write
Poetry for her lover!
" Tread softly, coz’ you tread on my dreams" I wrote
In return, she held my hand and made me write
the words I longed to speak -
"La Ilaha Illallah, Mohammedur Rasoolullah"
I searched for Him high and low
Omar Khayyam, Rumi, Khalil Gibran
Sufi Mysticism, dervish, Rabi’a
He evaded me -
Suddenly, He is visiting me again.
This time a little remote
Distant, cold, faraway
Yet still a friend I won’t forget.
In her, I know Him.
I live Him in my heart
Day and night, like a Silent Prayer at break of dawn
I search Him inside
And dance like a woman gone mad
Whirling –
I become the dance.
I pick each sonnet of Ghalib in my hand
My lips sing
His Divine Song of Love
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More By  :  Julia Dutta

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