Theme: Thoughts


When pains and pleasures
Churn the ocean of emotion,
You rise, winged horses
Of thoughts,
Uchchaihshravas or Pegasus,
Of two peninsulas,
Or Apocalyptic,
Shod or unshod,
Bridled or unbridled,
Airing above the earth,
Stepping on crowns
Of virgin mountains,
Pacing in variant gaits,
Across the fenceless
Cerulean expanse,
Fondling constellations,
Caressing galaxies,
Probing the unknown,
Basking in sun,
Bathing in moonlight,
Cantering through tempests,
Impaling with lightning,
Then pouring the nectar
Of life: raindrops
On scorched lips,
Of desperate creatures,
Waking up seeds,
Which spiral to poesy,
Smiling or amusing,
Teary or wistful,
Dreamy or inspirational,
Or plainly ecclesiastical,
Not to overlook:
Love underlined.


More By  :  Atul Chandra Sarkar

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