Theme: Relationship


If we couldn't be partners in pleasure,
Let us be partners in pain.
Let's stop pleasing each other,
And become a source of
Perpetual pain...
For in this loss of
Our mutual pleasure,
None of us have anything to gain.

We went in search of sanity
In a complaisant relationship
But now our animosity
Is driving us insane.

We thought that the Sun
Would always shine -
Whatever be the weather,
We'll wait for the sunshine.

But now it seems,
After all these years,
The sunny side of our relationship
Has been overshadowed
By the clouds, the rain, the storm
And the hurricane -
Of immense pain.

We thought this relationship
Is a blessing from God
But we realized too late
That it's a curse on us,
Our life's evil bane.

And now, there is no need to feign
Trying to be happy and gay -
When we know of the deep pain
Engulfing us, deep down below -
Alas! We tried too much, too long,
Yet our time and efforts
All went in vain.

And what now remains in us -
Is not even a drop of pleasure
Yet plentiful of rain -
The raining pain.

And we are drowning...


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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