Theme: Freedom


We should be
She's now
Free from all
The stresses
Of life - from
Being an
Actress, a mother
And a wife

(Wrote this thinking about the recent demise of Sridevi. I couldn't make sense of it as it happened so suddenly in such mysterious circumstances. Her death has been a grave loss to her friends and family and of course, to her world of films and fans where she was and will always remain a superstar. I loved her in Lamhe (1991). She was so superb in that movie. As her untimely death happened so close to Holi, the festival of colours seemed pallid without her. Don't know how many people celebrated. I was in no mood to celebrate.)

We can only give ourselves some sort of self-consolation that she's now free from all the burdens of life.

Perhaps it will make us feel a bit better about the void she has left in our lives with her endless absence.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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