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Well, your
Got over today....

Are you feeling
Better today? :)

Or is it the same
As any other day?

Did it help to keep
Suffering at bay?

Are you feeling
Happy and gay?

Will you now take
Come what may!

As you and me
Agree, there's a lot more
To pay and repay...

By the way,
Will you be born
With the sun's first ray
Or it doesn't really
Matter to you,
When and how
You'll take birth
Whichever time of the day,
In whichever way....

What place?
Someplace nearby
Nowhere else, I believe
Where you can meet me
Before I die....

We'll have a lot to say,
A lot to rejoice and grieve
That's what life is all about
A cycle of belief and disbelief.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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