Theme: Death

Oh! Why?

You live and you die
Why do you go
And make others cry?
Why does every life
End up in a sigh?
Why do we live
If we have to die?
Is there anyone out there
Who can answer my Whys?

It is very painful to see
Orphaned children cry.
Husbands and wives
Having empty beds to lie.
Why is death so ruthless?
God so thoughtless?

Why does He bring us
To this world?
Gives us feelings
And relations
To love, care
Smile and cry...
And then we tend to become

Clutching a heavy heart
Yet standing in this world
All alone - motionless.
Showing our 'strong' selves
And our 'masked' faces.
Though we all feel weak
And so very vulnerable -
In the mighty throes of Death.

O God! Why are you so
Careless, Mindless,
Giving us a life
That is so very pointless
B'cos the day we die
We lose everything.

No relations
No home
No family
No love
No kisses nor cuddles

Going away alone
To a world unknown

How frightening and lonesome
Can that solitary feeling be...

Leaving our loved ones
And a life so futile
Like so many lives
Being put to death
Day in and day out
Countless, Ceaseless...

God! Come to Earth
And feel for yourself
What it is to live
And to die -
Loved ones crying
Before one's bleary eyes
As one passes away...
And bereaved ones
Mourning in agony
For years -
Many more...

Oh! Why? Oh! Why? Oh! Why?

Why do we have to live
If we all have to die...

The loss of a loved one
Is so very painful -
As if we all live to lose
And every day
We live to die...

This poem is dedicated to Radha Mami, a lovely lady who lost her life to Cancer on October 6th' 2007.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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