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You may
Think it is
Red wine
The drink
That I have
When I dine
But it's not
My dear....

It is
Which is
As hearty
And healthy
As carrot juice

Both these
Drinks make
Me feel fine and
So I have them
When I lunch and

They can be
Had on their own
Or if you like
You can mix
The juices of
Beetroot and carrot
And that will also
Give you a nice,
Nutritious drink....

So you may try yours
As I have tried mine :)
And see if you like this
Drink divine with its
Natural colours of
Orange and red....
Carrot is orange
Beetroot is red....

Vitamins and minerals
Going in those guzzles
Nutrients nourishing
You, as you take those
Swigs....making you
Alert and active to play
In life's gigs and jigs :-)
(wrote this poesy after my son surprisingly asked me if I was having red wine as he knows I don't take alcohol and I said No, it was beetroot juice. He got confused by its deep red colour which looked like wine)


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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