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Village Stray Dog

Stray dog is one

That roams the streets at his will  

With his tongue lolling out

His curved tail at the back for a quick run

Or it might be tucked between hind legs

Looking like a frightened man


He might be on the run for his safety

Those feeding him are beloved ones

With a gratitude for their morsel

Faithfully lying day and night guarding their house

It might be at the front yard or the backyard

Barking at strangers as thankful to the acquainted  


With his tail wagging and ears straightened up

Sitting on hind legs awaiting a bit of bone

With his staring looks that arouse pity

With a sign of his hunger or happiness

When he is driven away with a cudgel

He keeps returning again and again

That might evoke fun or fury 


Who he would ask

For cure and care

In times of sickness

Rare is the time

None would spare


So bounden is the duty

He feels to guard the street

None assigned it, but an act at will

Not just a day or Sunday

Or Monday but every day


Asking no one for a slice of bun

If given at mercy, quickly it is done

Language of silence or body language

He might be endowed with by birth

It is up to a man or a woman to make it out 


Quick in response to somebody’s call  

No difference he makes

Between the poor or the rich

It could be surely the poor blessed

With no napkins but rags

After all, cleaning up

Baby’s faecal bottom, cloth matters  


No matter wherever he lies napping

It is he who hastens to attend in no time

Licking up the floor to the surest clean

There he dons the role of a scavenger

Or playing healthcare aid


Awaiting the second turn of faeces

It is up to the infant to shit or shut

When hope shatters he returns his way

Much better he is than a human being

Not just in scavenging but in mating too

He tracks the reason for mating season

For him are the surest fruits in vision

Unlike a man with no fruits in fullest season      



More By  : Dr. Bheemaiah Jetty

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