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My Princess

'Congrats you are a father'
Five words which changed my life forever.

As I picked up the fluffy angel
She gave me a pink smile
My heart did a samba
As if I had run many a mile.

When she first said "Papa"
Rainbows filled up my sky
When she toddled into my arms
I felt I could fly.

The first day at school
The nick that made her cry
Moments which made me smile
Memories which make me sigh.

Cinderella she was
And also the Sleeping Beauty
Sitting anxiously in the first row
I was doing more than my duty.

As she sang and performed
The world was her stage
And she was my princess
On every stage, at every age.

A young lady now -
She is ready to fly the nest
To move higher and higher
Till she touches the crest.

She'll leave behind an aching soul
A heart that is forlorn
No one can fill the void
Alas, once she is gone.

Years will pass, the ache will not
I'll keep waiting for her
My little girl, little no more
I'll wonder if she's gone forever.

Then one day I'll hear
Words only five
That will make me
Yell, yodel, sing and jive.

'Congrats, you are a grandfather'
These words will echo in my mind
My princess has donned a new avatar
And a better one I'll never find.

A soft and fluffy bundle of joy
Will once again permeate my being
And my life once more will be
Really and truly worth living.


More By  :  Ramendra Kumar

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