Theme: Coronavirus


Congregation prays:
God save us from the pandemic
God: I am helpless

Man: Aren’t we your dearest?
God: It’s your ego tells you so
All my creations darling to me

Man complains to God:
Are we fated to live with mask?
God: Enough you polluted air

Dawn now echoes birds’ chirps:
Thank you, thank you, thank you God
For restoring our rights

Coronavirus to man:
A lesson for your conceit
Be humble and kind

Man to Coronavirus:
What harm have we done to you?
Virus: you called us

Earth to human beings:
Except you, all are happy now
Reward for your crimes

God to human beings:
Mask you wear is punishment
For masking in your lives

Little boy to mom:
You punished me for using cell phone
Now force me for online classes

Earth to human beings:
You wash your hands for survival
Crimes’ blood still remains

Infants wail to guilty adults:
Pandemic is your own product
We are drowned in it

Animals warn humans:
Exploit more you perish more
Creator protects us

Mother Earth to quarryman:
How ruthless you dynamite
Mother’s breasts that fed you!

River to her mother sea:
Man raped and stabbed head to foot
Threw his waste on me

Plight of human being:
Social being now antisocial
Result of his karma

Members of the same group
Bound to distance from each other:
Reward of leagued crimes

Animals to humans:
You are caged and we are free
Tit for tat, mind you!


More By  : Prof. Dr. Dominic KV

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