Theme: Religion


Does God
Like a lot of
Heat, light
And sweet?
Does He
Like the
Smell of
Fresh flowers
That wilt at his
Does He
Like the sound
Of loud gongs, bells
And conches that
Make people deaf?
Has He let us know
His favourite food,
His favourite
Well, God doesn't
Say, He's a mute
Spectator to his
Devotees' antics
Wherein they
Splurge him with
Candles, lamps,
Fires and flames
And the
Smells of
Overloading him with
Endless bouquets
And garlands
Of plucked flowers
And leaves,
Not to mention,
The excess sweets
That He's offered
To take every day!
Imagine, any of
Us going thru this
Ordeal of overcrowded
Throngs trampling on each
Other to get to us with
Their overloaded treats.
Will we stay put?
Or would we vanish from there
To a quieter place of peace,
Solace and solitude, away
From people's madness and
Pomposity of fake religiosity. 


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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