Theme: Pandemic

Corona and Memories

Memoirs carry skeletons on shaky lands
where uncertain virus shadows as agony enlarges
much happened but altered nothing
range still not decoded as fight continues.
It appears tainted and indistinct
and thumps human intellect 
touches many points no matter which,
to move fast, collect injunctions
and market it out as the bodies spread out…

Ethics and tangential liberty anguished yet
none knows and hitherto contests it out 
with the power of forged rationale 
on channels loud and specious they say.  
Afflict minds inquiring into the plunge vague
and he looks on at the desolate territory 
as noise greets interment hymns,
it is death of the known lapsed into oblivion
words are many, meaning nothing 

Still they say History emerges as a god’s ray 
as people carry the dead silently with no tears,
on shoulders with bald heads and vacant eyes.
Here the dead, day old and children, 
the young and the aged salute you
to celebrate deaths unknown sans coffin
and theorize on man’s volubility and lies many.
The wind sings as birds howl on sandy shores 
dirges un-cracked as scanty hearse-cloth gazes.

Indefinite calamity falls on the sad earth
waiting for a messiah in modern man 
who lives in the saddest time of  his age,
he is the beginning, the interval and the end 
of a phenomenon that exists in this century.
He tries to work out its import as corona
the branded and the blurred in many forms
with eerie texture of black, white and yellow
puss or muck or nectar in vaccine stalks.

The gods in white aprons inject into the veins 
tiny atoms of renaissance, hope and life
and die some without it to make others live long
with burden of angst in the eyes forever.
It is time to salute for they risked lives unguarded
it is moment of resolution to get up in togetherness
and rejoice in the allegiance of those men
who served humbly and offered help in crisis
and walked bowed heads in gratitude to God in Man.


More By  :  P C K Prem

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