Theme: Perception

Unnatural Man

God created man
a complete man
finest attributes
senses and instincts
an overseeing conscience
seed of the Super Consciousness
superb and sublime graciousness
absolute freedom of choice
for a full joyful thrill
of his own free will…
A free individual
no inhibitions
no restraints
no constraints
only obeying the laws of Nature…
God had full faith in His creation…
Man created man
of Do’s and Don’ts
chains and reins…
Chains are chains
be they of gold, silver or iron plain
meant only to enslave man—
design of the powerful, skilful brain…
God, Karma, Moksha
alibis to sanctify their inglorious intents
brainwash him as a sinner, past or present
sans dignity, confidence, human spirit
a non-entity, an easy tit
exploited by the crafty exploiter to the hilt…
Civilisation overtly covers his nakedness
his honesty, his truth, his righteousness
and a new man
a masked man
with smartness, cleverness, viciousness is born…
Deep down is buried the natural man
Long live the unnatural man…
Robbed of all his natural graces
cursed into the competitive cauldron
a begging bowl mimicking his divine traces
craving for the alms of joy and happiness…
In sharp contrast
the animal world
in their natural state
Unprovoked by the progressive icons
ecstatically singing divine melody
Unperturbed by the societal compulsions
live free psychically
Unshackled, live free intrinsically
Unguided, free from the rat-race joyfully
Unpreached, enjoy natural beauty instinctively
Unexploited, nourish and flourish naturally…
Pity the Man!
Social man, struggling to change his masks continually
Maniac man, fighting against Nature relentlessly
Crazy man, ensnared by illusions hopelessly
Despotic man, enjoys enslaving man ruthlessly
Demonic man, sucking his fellows’ blood sadistically… 


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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