Theme: Hard


Work hard,
Retire, and
Then enjoy
Your retirement

Well, God has
Other plans
For many
Like him,
Who spend
Their retirement
Enduring cancer



I wrote this after reading this news of a person who took his own life at age 75 after battling cancer for 15 years.

His son said - “We were really close, he was like my best friend as well as father and son, so it was hard to see him go through that. My dad did not effectively kill himself, he did not shorten his life, my dad shortened his death, he was already dying, all he could do is take more and more morphine to kill the pain, that wasn’t living to him. I’m still shocked, still upset and heartbroken my dad isn’t with us but I felt I need to do something positive with my grief, energy and emotion. I’m hoping to change the law and allow assisted dying in the UK to stop people like my dad and us as a family suffering. I know it is too late to help me and my father, but I want to stop others having to go through the same as my family.”


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