Theme: Introspection

Poems Purely Personal


My bosom is burdened
For days and nights countless
With aches and pains;
Suppressed sighs and sobs
Rise and sound
As if someone
Is beating the muffled drums

A single smooth sweep,
Six years ago,
Dazzled me with the illusion
Of happiness and freedom,
Yearning of the ages!

It took away my all
Leaving me to lament
And hear the most tormenting
Moans and laments
Of my finest kids.
Those who were dearest ever
Were in fact the worst.
Their fa'ade of virtue and loving care,
Torn into shreds shorn
Into a stunning shock-
Irreconcilable !

The whole past of decades
Lay bare with graves of memories
Dug on the ruins
Of my labor, love and simple faith.

God be thanked!
My healthy thoughts, healthy outlook
And healthy laugh
Remained my only strength and solace
That humbled the times
And kept the prey upbeat.

It always annoyed
The silent and loving conspirators
Who today are calm
After the deed.

I sift the weeds
And tread barefooted
The stubble fields.

No need to look behind
As the past is showing itself
In its shameless nakedness.
What remains
Amidst the dumb laments,
Silent sighs and soundless cries
Crowding my days and nights,
Is again to manage and live the best-
Not for myself,
But for my daughters,
Sheenam and Geetika,
Whose glow and bloom
Faded and died out
In marital happiness
Five years ago
To the jubilations
Of the ever-dearest!


My wife remained
A physical and mental wreck;
She wrecked my peace and happiness
But she could not wreck
The meaning and purpose,
Beauty and bliss,
Duty and obligations
Of my life
Loaded with
Amy strength and cheer,
My personal tastes and graces,
My honesty and faith
Sternly viewed and challenged,
The trials were cruel.
Of course the world behaves like that.
With everybody.

I failed the foes
For, for a moment even,
I neither escaped nor ran-
Defeated enemies.
And foes fretted with peace
Are more dangerous
And their sheepish cheeks
Smile and salute
To swindle us
In success and happiness.

But life always looks up
With those
Who dare and live.
So did I enjoy
This blessing
With grudges gone
And sores solaced.

Today I am proud to pursue
My tastes and graces with cheer!
Life was never allowed
To be a liability.
It is an asset
To be valued and guarded
With scrupulous care.


More By  : Prof. R. K. Bhushan

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