Theme: Ease


He went
To Greece
To feel at
To enjoy the
Sunny summer

But God
Didn't want him
To have his way
And so before
He could return
To UK, he was
Sent from there
To Norway.

Sans warm clothes
He was transported from
Greece's sun, sands and
Seas to cold and dreary
Norway and his holiday
Ended with such unease,
It made him feel so ill-at-ease.



(This is about my son's May holiday when he went to Greece. I had asked him to carry some warm clothes just in case he needs them but he said that Greece being a warm place he could do without them. As luck would have it, while returning his direct flight got cancelled. He had to book another flight but that was via Norway where he had to spend a day before he got the connecting flight to UK. He was dreading to go out as it was cold and he didn't have warm clothes.) 



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More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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