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When I
Wake up
In the
The first
Thing, I
Want to
See is the
Sea, and
I can't and
That frustrates

Days, I miss
Seeing the sea,
Forever wondering
If the sea misses me



[Now that the children have moved out (Kochi in Uni and our son working in London), we are planning to move house and I'll ensure that it's a sea-view house or I'm not moving. My hubby being a techie is not attached to Nature, he's more into gadgets and gizmos, and so he can stay anywhere if he has access to his PC and Smartphone. He's on a permanent WFH remote-working UK contract. Moreover, it doesn't matter to him if he can't go for park/beach walks and it doesn't bother him if our house doesn't have good views. He's always happy being indoors peering into his PC and Smartphone. I just love the outdoors and it frustrates me if the inclement weather forces me to stay indoors. This is just one contrasting aspect of our personas. We are opposites in very many ways.] 


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