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Neera: A Great Freedom Fighter

Immured we were in the enclosure of slavery

For almost a hundred years

By the British Colonial Rule.

Freedom Fighters: Revolutionaries and Netaji, Nehru, Gandhi, Patel

Launched a missile of freedom

To drive away the British from our motherland.

Networks of espionage of their own, 

both the parties set up.

Srikant, Neera’s husband had the task

of spying on and murdering Bose;

Spying Neera was for Indian National Army.

Reached, once, Srikant near Netaji to kill him,

Neera pounced, fierce as a tigress wild,

She silenced her heart, her love and slew

Her husband’s life, truth’s sacrifice compiled.

After INA’s fall, Kolkata’s prison gates

Enshrouded Neera, torture’s vile brew,

A horrifying torture awaited her there.

Her breast was severed

With red hot tools

She suffered and suffered

But uttered not a single word

About Netaji’s whereabouts

and the secrets of INA.

Later, imprisoned she was

at cellular jail at Port Blair.

After the merger of Hyderabad,

She supported herself by selling flowers

but refused to accept any help from the government.

Today, we breathe in fresh air of freedom

because of the relentless struggle

of freedom fighters like Neera.

We salute the courage and fearless struggle

of this great freedom heroine. 


#Neera’s full name was Neera Arya; she was married to CID Inspector Srikant Jai Ranjan Das.


More By  : Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta

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