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An Ode To Our Chandrayaan-3

What a great finale! “India on the Moon!”
In the month of the Freedom Day! What a rapt boon!

The foreseen last “17 Minutes of Terror”
Was transmuted with minute foresight and fervour
Into a sweet memory! A thrilling stirrer!

Our ISRO team of scientists and engineers themselves braced
To have the lander smoothly clear every crucial pace
And lo, let it cruise precisely through the ‘Rough breaking phase’
And also, felicitously through the ‘Fire-breaking phase’

They see themselves at the end of the day to the skies praised
And earn in the comity of nations a worthy space.

For ensuring the 41-day mission with no hang-up, we do owe
A lot to our ardently and ideally dedicated ISRO.
Yeah! It will from now on be set to blossom out with a more brilliant glow.

When our Yoga is already universal with its holistic heart,
At a time when the G20 chairmanship is held by our Bharat smart,
And on a day for the BRICS meet when our PM is in Africa’s South
Chandrayaan-3 soft-lands, serendipitously, on the moon’s polar south.

Now with our Bharat standing out as the first in this global feat,
The teeming Indians are out to laud our ISRO team and fete
By hailing, “Wow! Realised is the country’s lunar ambition
Thanks to the grand fruition you have given to the chosen Mission!”


More By  :  U Atreya Sarma

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