Theme: Aging

Old Age

When I looked at my face in the mirror

I stood amazed

I said to myself: It’s not me

It seems to be my spectral glimpse 

When I looked at my hair

I was shocked

Where has my beautiful, thick,

curly, black hair gone?

Who has stolen the aura on my face?

Who has plundered my white sparkling teeth

and replaced them with broken yellowish

molars and empty spaces?

Where have my bright eyes gone?

They can’t read now without specs.

My muscles once robust and stout  

Now slender and frail.

They say it happens to everybody

In old age, but then I don’t feel

that I am old, because my memory is intact

I haven’t stopped birthing new ideas and thoughts.

My emotions and feelings are

tamed by reason’s hand. 

Oh old age! I defy you

I challenge you to weaken me further

I will show you that I can defeat you

And once again I shall rejuvenate,

rise and unfurl and once again 

Youth’s vigour hurl. 


More By  : Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta

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