Theme: Love


You are my sunshine;
My never-ending source of happiness 
Who can make me cry, content or cheery.
I easily get affected by your tantrums,
My world is too small,
You, Me and Hum.
When I see your virtuous face,
I am reminded of a newly born child
Who is unaware of what goes around.
An epitome of serenity,
You remain calm.
For you I am like a chatterbox;
I can easily guess when you do something wrong 
Because your face speaks all, 
You come up with your explanation 
And I listen quietly 
To understand what made you to do so.
Sometimes I see you furious,
Understand your tone; try to soothe you calmly. 
You can’t hide your expressions 
Like an innocent child
Who shares everything sooner or later.
I try my best to make you understand 
The thin line between right and wrong,
I know your weaknesses and also your strength.
You are cool, compassionate and caring,
You don’t get angry soon but if anything falls upon me,
You go beyond anyone’s expectations.
I love you from the core of my heart, 
Though I don’t always express, 
But believe me a part of mine always stays with you 
even in my absence,
Not to spy on you but to shield you.
I know, you love me beyond one’s wildest imagination 
But sometimes you hurt me too;
Unknowingly and unintentionally. 
You are simpleton; unaware of worldly affairs 
But people can’t befool you.
You are Royal by nature;
Magnificent and sprightlier.
Sometimes people misunderstand you
Because they don’t know your basic nature.
You get tricky sometimes,
I also get confused but you never lie to me.
I trust you for everything;
Forgive you for all your follies,
Not just because I love you
But because you are you.
You believe in living life like a king,
Your anger makes others nervous, 
You are too bold and daring 
But your amicable spirit is appreciable;
The purity of your heart appeals me to the core,
I get fascinated, stand still
And pray to the Almighty 
Not only to live happily ever after with you
But to die peacefully in your arms.


Image Copyright - Mallika Tripathi


More By  : Dr. Mallika Tripathi

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