Theme: Life

Ways of the World

A cricketer who is out at zero

May feel a pang of envy

For the one who raises the bat

At the full century mark.

An IAS aspirant who fails to make the grade

May find it harder

For those classmates who have scaled the heights

And donned the coveted badge.

The MBA contender who misses the mark

May struggle to applaud

Those colleagues who have conquered the challenge

And secured the place in the corporate world.

Yet, it is human nature

To gravitate towards the victors

And overlook the fallen

Like the oysters that form pearls

And not those who fail to gather nacre.

But remember, in the face of defeat 

Lies the opportunity to rise

And in the shadows of failure

Shines the light of resilience.

So let us not only celebrate victors

But also honour the strivers 

For it is in their unwavering spirit

The true essence of humanity lies. 


More By  : Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta

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