Theme: Death

Remembrance (1955-2009)


Dear Mother

We are inseparable,
The bloodstream always reminds me of your presence.
You often talked about me proudly and inspired me to be at my best,
You were my motivation, 
My best friend ever.
While in your presence I always felt strong,
The bond was strengthened with every passing moment,
But when the cruel hands of death snatched you from me, 
I became like a corpse; cold and horrifying,
Crying inconsolably I felt lonely 
As if wandering in utter darkness without life support.
My dreams were shattered, 
 I despised everyone who took you away from me.
With your departure I stopped living, 
Became indifferent to pleasure and pain,
Got lost in this dreary land. 
Living a dead life is like walking in desert in search of water 
Life has not been fair to me,  
I felt elated in your company but you ditched me, 
Leaving me alone, you dwelled in the heavenly kingdom.
I thought of living with you eternally but you left me midway 
With a guilt of not accomplishing your dreams till you were alive,
I proved to be a piece of waste for my creator, 
Your early departure left me nowhere.

I beg you to come back or allow me to be united with you forever, 
Don’t let the darkness fall upon me, 
The dimly lit streets frighten me,
I stand still; helpless and lifeless.
Walking like an apparition in this desert I feel thirsty,
Strive to search for the divine light but all in vain, 
I look for you madly but lose my way,
The demons try to engulf me,
I cry hysterically for your help but you don’t come
Unable to bear your absence I feel like dying.

Maa! I urge you to come back 
Or allow me to lie in your lap eternally, 
Listening to the lullaby to sleep peacefully forever…


Image Copyright - Mallika Tripathi


More By  : Dr. Mallika Tripathi

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