Theme: Love


Every inch of yours is mine.
Every breath of yours is mine.
Every space of yours is mine.
Every move of yours is mine.
I'm possessiveness ... personified!

I need you, own you,
have you, possess you.
Every moment of your life,
all your all mine!
Possessiveness ... possesses me...

They say: detachment is the best policy.
So here I go...

Let me renounce the world
To remain attached to thee!
Possessiveness owns me.

They say: remain aloof to get detached.
Separate and go your own ways.

What they don't know is
Attachment has nothing to do with proximity....

Even if you are far across
the seven continents and the seven seas...
You'll never be able to disown me!

I'm attached to you. So are you, to me...
We are partners in possessiveness!

Every smell of yours I possess
as if like a fragrance I emanate from thee...

Every sight of yours I possess,
as if in your eyes, you only see me...

Possessiveness possesses us...
like partners in fantasy.

This divine attraction
is the culmination of
love's orgasmic ecstasy!


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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