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Does your
House have
Eight gates?
I doubt.

None of our
Previous houses
Had eight gates
To keep intruders

So don't know
Why the former
Owner of this
Who was also
Its first owner,
Erected 8 gates

Was it some
Kind of indulgence
In flamboyance and
Opulence, showing
A life of excess?

Or was it a measure
To deter burglars and

In Britain's
Stormy, squally
Weather, gates
Do require repairs
And maintenance.

Maintaining eight
Gates surely does
Add to costs and
Expenditure, if you
Need them to be
Strong and sturdy
And endure windy

The metal gates
Rust, the wooden
Gates rot, sometimes
The storm brings them
Down, loosening their
Nuts and bolts, even
Swaying their spur posts.

The latches and locks
Of those gates need to
Be secure. If they break,
The gates keep opening
And closing, buffeted by
The blustering gales that
Keep banging them.

So having repaired and
Replaced some of these
Gates, we are now adjusting
To this new life of being
Guarded by these 8 gates.


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More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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