Theme: Ignorance

Embracing Ignorance


Don’t pity me for not being perfect,
As perfection is not my definition.
I feel content with the little I know as it helps umpteen to reach the pinnacle of success,
I feel elated while being confined to my solitary cell; nurturing growth in my seclusion.
I might not be very social but I always feel ready to help one and all who look up to me for any kind of support.
Don’t blame me for dwelling in darkness
Because this always leads me to a Divine path.
I often feel happy to analyse my follies as it gives me scope to further improve.
I am a learner whose thirst for learning can never be quenched,
I dive down to discover the hidden treasure and cherish each and every moment spent in my discoveries.
I often prefer to keep quiet as it gives me an opportunity to listen to others and to grow intellectually.
As a teacher, duty binds me to impart knowledge 
Yet my spirit of learning remains untethered,
It not only helps me to grow as a human being 
But also to be a beacon of light 
For those who keep on moving in the darkness 
With no desire to follow the path of light.
Let imperfection be my mantle, ignorance my ally,
For in them lies the quiet triumph of continual learning.
I feel blessed to be ignorant 
Because it often helps me to learn from others and to succeed quietly.
Undoubtedly I’ve witnessed the saga of success 
But I know well that Perfection will lead to my intellectual demise,
A fate I am not prepared for.
So let me relish my flaws, my weaknesses, my ignorance that still keep me alive.


Image © Mallika Tripathi


More By  : Dr. Mallika Tripathi

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