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Thrones of Power: The Political Game Unveiled


"Divide and conquer" remains the age-old strategy,
Wielded by the powerful to dominate the vulnerable. 
Yet, in the modern world, the manipulation runs deeper, 
Entangling people in webs of caste, creed and color, 
Blinding them to the stark truth: 
The divide is truly between the wealthy and the impoverished.

As the affluent amass greater fortunes 
And the destitute sink deeper into poverty, 
A simple truth eludes comprehension. 
Amidst their struggle for survival, 
They unwittingly sow seeds of discord, 
Accusing one another of favoritism and nepotism
While ignoring their own complicity in perpetuating systemic inequalities.

In their desperation, they turn on each other, 
Shedding the blood of their own,
Yet failing to recognize the true architects of their suffering. 
Blind to duplicity, they fall prey to false promises and hollow temptations,  
Culminating in their demise at the fangs of opportunists.

The aftermath is harrowing, with no mourners left to grieve the fallen. 
Spiraling into spiritual decay, 
They find themselves ensnared in a hellish existence, 
Tormented by their own folly and haunted by the faces they failed to discern.

In a world bereft of saviors, they remain trapped in perpetual torment, 
Their fate sealed by their own ignorance and apathy,
Leading them to a dead end where no ray of hope is visible…


Image © Mallika Tripathi


More By  : Dr. Mallika Tripathi

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