Theme: Whispers

Whispers of Broken Vows

In a world where vows are but whispers in the wind,
Life's lessons etched in shadows of broken trust.
Falsehoods dance in masquerade,
Love's purity eclipsed by transaction's lust.

No longer does the heart beat to love's song,
But measures affection by the coin's weight.
Deception dons its fashionable guise,
As shattered unions pave way for a better fate.

Selfish souls chase after fleeting gold,
Leaving emotions as mere folly, a jest.
In this materialistic masquerade,
Where feelings are sold, hearts find no rest.

Yet amidst this desolate terrain,
Where greed's hunger knows no end,
Hope flickers in the unison divine,
Offering solace, a chance to transcend.

Oh, to break free from this cycle's grasp,
To find salvation in the Almighty's embrace.
In the quiet of the soul, amidst the fray,
Lies the path to freedom, to a higher place.


More By  : Dr. Mallika Tripathi

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