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The Solitary Beacon

In the echoing hollows, I stand,
Where trust crumbles to dust in trembling hands.
Betrayed by kin, in the depths I roam,
In solitude, I weep, with no one to call home.

In this cruel theater of feigned empathy,
Where hearts turn cold, devoid of sympathy,
Hope, a distant specter, fades to black,
Lost in the abyss, I struggle to backtrack.

Yet amidst the shadows, a flicker remains,
A resolve born from relentless pain.
No longer seeking solace in another's embrace,
But forging ahead, alone in this grace.

In the cacophony of greed and need,
Where even millionaires beg and plead,
I'll be the solitary light in the night,
Guiding lost souls through their plight.

Though agony grips and despair holds tight,
I'll stand, battered but unbroken, in the fight,
To be the voice in the silence, the unwavering plea,
A solitary beacon in this sea of misery.


Image © Mallika Tripathi


More By  : Dr. Mallika Tripathi

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