Theme: Father

Whispers of the Soul

Expressing my deep gratitude for 

Your unwavering guidance and love 

throughout my life is not possible.


Though mere words cannot capture the depth of my admiration for you, 

But allow me to convey my heartfelt appreciation.


From my earliest memories, you have been a pillar of strength, 

Teaching me the virtues of humility, sacrifice, and perseverance. 

Your quiet resolve and dedication to instilling timeless values have shaped me into the person I am today.


Your teachings on independence, 

tempered with unwavering self-respect, resonate deeply within me. 

You showed me the importance of discipline and resilience, even in the face of adversity. 

I am but a reflection of your wisdom and integrity.


Your emphasis on honesty, integrity, and self-respect has been my guiding light. 

Your belief in the power of humanity and spirituality has fueled my own aspirations 

to make a positive impact even through the night.


As I stand on my own today,

I am keenly aware of the strength 

You have bestowed upon me. 

My greatest desire is to make you smile through my deeds, 

To witness your contentment and joy indeed.


Forgiving me for my follies,

you always stood tall,

For me, you have always been all in all. 

With gratitude boundless and love that soars

I bow before you, my heart’s open doors,

To make you proud is my life’s truest quest,

In your presence I always find rest.


My love for you is beyond words,

With you by my side, I can conquer the world,

For in your embrace I find my voice,

You are my mentor, my eternal choice.


In gratitude and admiration ❤️




Image © Mallika Tripathi


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