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And night
Kishore comes
Crooning into my
Ears, even though
He's out of sight.

With a song for
Every mood and
Moment, he comes
Humming into my
Ears, be it daylight,
Twilight or moonlight.
Hearing him is
Such a delight!

Even in the
Depths of
Despair and
Darkness, his
Legacy is like
An eternal candle
Burning bright.

His soothing
Voice fills my
Ears and over
The years, has
Always been
A source of rapid
Relief and respite.

I remain eternally
Grateful to him, thanks
To all his numerous songs
Serenading me, every
Morning, evening and night.

[Dedicated to Abhas Kumar Ganguly known to the world as Kishore Kumar]

[My psyche has a huge stock of his countless songs that often are on auto-play mode. I've grown up on his songs and so I remember many of them. One by one, his songs keep taking turns, flooding my mind with nostalgic memories.]


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