Theme: Hero


He says:
You, I am
A total zero,
A mere zilch.

He doesn't
Know, he's
My life's
Hero, brave
And courageous
In many ways.
With immense
Patience and
He takes on
Life's challenges
Tackling them,
Braving them, and
Winning life's many

Whatever the
Weather, whichever
Way life faces,
Taking him to many
High and low places,
He endures and braces
Them all, with his slow
But steady paces.

In life's numerous
Tests, he aces.
Looking back, I
Know his success
Has left many traces.

In this stiflingly
Overcrowded and
Congested world,
He often amazes us by
Creating his own special
Little spaces, thereby
Garnering our appreciation
And praises.


(Dedicated to my Hubby who'll be 53 this August)


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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