Theme: Consummation

Sanctum Sanctorum

I've preserved it
Taken care of it
Nurtured it
Nourished it
With all my love
And gentle care

Kept it clean
Showering every day
It smells nice and fresh
Of soap and gel,
After every bath
If you inhale me
You'll feel the freshness
Of what I say

Though sometimes
I just let it be
Not that clean
So it retains
Its home-grown smell
Amidst the foliage
Of nature's care
Hidden deep inside
The lustrous hair
Of soft and tender
Pinkish folds

Like a holy mound
Of virgin skin
Its very source
Emanates a sweet smell
Of that precious nectar
They call Amrit.
And when it flows,
It makes me feel like
A woman all over

Wanting, wishing, longing
And waiting and waiting
For that auspicious moment
When far beyond the horizons,
The earth would meet the sky
And the sanctum sanctorum
Of my very being
Would be offered
The potent seeds of life.

I can wait eons and eons
For that blessed hour to come by
This birth, next birth,
This life, next life
Many more births and lives
When the man in you
Would orgasm with the woman
In me
Gyrating to the eternal dance of
Rhythmic pleasure within me

Soft and slow
Hard and long
Arousing, titillating,
Orgasming and melting
With the silent beats of
Of two hearts rhythming in unison
And the lilting song of two bodies
Merging as one...

And in that spiritual moment
Of togetherness,
With you inside me
And that feeling of oneness
I'll be truly blessed
If you offer me with love and care
Those seeds of life
Impregnating my womb,
Making a father of the man in you
And a mother of the woman in me.

Sanctum Sanctorum
May you be blessed
With the onset
Of a new life
With a feeling of love,
Warmth and tenderness,
Creating a love-child
That would be the
Ever-flowing fountain
Of my feelings for him
And his feelings for me

Let this not be a Fantasy
But the moment of Truth
A Divine Reality
Sanctioned by the
Heaven and Earth
Applauded by the Gods,
Blessed by their Consorts
Beyond the realms of
Ridicule and Mirth.

The orgasmic culmination
Of our bodies in fusion
Let it be the epitome of
Love in abundance
And boundless passion
Those seeds of life
In your ejaculation
Flowing in me
Like a river in motion,
Would embed in me
A feeling of Bliss and
Absolute Harmony.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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