Theme: Conversation


Though we talk on the phone
So very often
Only phrases of words
We exchange'
For you are so busy
All the time
Being at office
Or at home.

And I keep wondering
About the right time
To call you up
And have a nice talk
To savor the flavor
Of a relaxing conversation
As that of an evening walk.

Yet I Fear -
Of all what has happened
In the past
That you and me
Talking together
For those lingering moments
Have always ended up
Arguing till the very last.

It might happen again
As it is the
Age-old Tussle
Between the mind
And the heart.
You being the 'mind' person
And me of a lover's heart.

And Yet
There is something
In You
That always pulls me through
All the tussles we have,
All the fights we go through
At the end of it all -
I keep coming back to you.

I know you'll again hurt me
And I may hurt you too
In this ongoing war of words
Where the mind and the heart
Oppose each other -
So vehemently, so very rudely,
So impassionately, so impolitely
As if they have been
Enemies Forever'

And I wonder and I wait
If there would be a Day
When God would usher in
A miraculous way -
For the mind and the heart
To work in unison
To agree in person
To each other's say.

And I hope and I pray
That day would come
When the mind tells the heart
Yes ' you may feel'
And I'm the one who thinks
And thinks too much
Like the way you feel
And feels too much'

Yet ' let us moderate
With some thinking
Of mine
And some feeling
Of yours
And may be, one day
We'll be Friends

For it is hard to stay on
Like this forever
Where you and me
Whenever we talk
We feel like Foes
And anger shows
You lose your temper
And I hold it back
You are unrestrained
I am so controlled.

So let's harness each other
With some of your freedom
And some of my control
And let's work it out.

For we may not be
The best of mates
Yet let us try'
To make the most
Of our Fates.

And see if we can
Click and Tick
To the extent
Where we may not
Become soul mates.
Yet a little of love
A little of care...
Some understanding
Would make us fare
Together as Friends.

And we are able to
Sprinkle ourselves
With warmth and affection
Rather than
Firing and fuelling our
Mutual Hates.

So I wait for the Day
When the mind in you
Would be a bit more
Lenient -
To the heart in me.
And I as your lover
Would try to be
A bit reticent
To the Beloved in you.

And no matter,
How long, how often
We talk'
I won't feel afraid
Of all the talking
As I'll know for sure
That no matter -
What and how we talk
We'll get over our hates
And remain as mates
Like friends forever'



More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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