Theme: Love

She Sleeps with Night

Night is drawing close over India
In only a few hours
She will draw Her curtains over Germany

And the rest of the world.

She whom I love sleeps alone
So she will not sleep
she says she is a night bird -
I say she is afraid of the dark.

But Night has Her own ways
And Her patience is immeasurable
She will cajole her to come to bed at some point'
Lie beside Her'.
She will place magnets under her feet
So that the iron in my lady's body
Will rush to her feet
And make her limbs heavy, tired

Night will tire her mind and my lady's eyelids will fall,
Like leaves in her own garden
Drooping in the night sky
she will succumb to the tool of Night's desire ' Sleep
Dark. Hypnotic. Silent.

Night, they say is the other side of day
She works in hiding'.
You cannot place your finger on Her doings.

She will envelop my lady's body and her mind
With love She is holding in Her womb
She will caress her head and draw it to Her bosom
And hold her in Her arms
Making sure my lady does not wake
Till dawn comes and opens her eyes to day.

In Her inimitable style, She will make love to her
- Who says lovemaking is about sex?

She will caress her shoulders and gently kiss them with Her lips
She will hold my lady's fingers and the insides of her palms
And kiss them too
She will gather her to Her heart
And whisper sweet nothings in her ears
Even my lady's name evokes such strong emotions
In the ethereal mind of Night!
And unknowingly my lady will give in
To the desires of Night
She cannot do otherwise.

When dawn arrives
Night will quietly recede
Waiting for day hours to pass
My love will wake to the jubilant touch of dawn
With memories of Night as if it were a dream.

At work she will tell her friends
" I dreamt I was lying in the arms of Night
And Night made love to me till early dawn
No! It was not violent like sex
But I was totally out of control."

Night has Her ways
My lady knows nothing of!
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More By  :  Julia Dutta

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