Theme: Terrorism

Terror Confabulations

My dear President, Mr. George Bush,
If you pull me, I'll give you a push.
You can never get me killed,
Nor stop me, from getting my ambitions fulfilled.
In every battle, I am always a winner,
Some people worship me, though you consider me a sinner.
Even if you kill me, I'll resurrect after being dead,
I'll not rest, until your death sentence, I've publicly read.

Till now, I've only crushed the WTC Towers,
It's only a matter of time before I divest you of your powers.
This is a religious vendetta, not a war,
History will remember it as an indelible scar.
You cannot threaten me by going nuclear,
I don't fear death, but death from me will always fear.
The days for the U.S. are now clearly numbered,
Though I'm incommunicado, I've made my intentions heard.

Your efforts to trace me are in vain,
Trying to find me, you'll become insane.
Achieving what I thought, is just a matter of time,
Even my death cannot extirpate all crime.
Beware Mr. Bush, you're my next prey,
Having provoked me, a heavy price you'll have to pay.

Bush's Repartee

Oh ! my dear stupid Osama,
Stop all this nuclear melodrama.
You've destroyed just a couple of Towers,
Now, I'm making you go scouting for covers.
You're but, just a mortal,
To kill you, I need form no cartel.

Your nefarious ambitions, you'll never achieve,
Even after death, in hell, you'll grieve.
You're worshipped only by the evil,
For the rest of the world, you're just nil.
If you resurrect after being dead,
I'll smother you, until you no more raise your ugly head.

Leave alone divesting me of my powers,
It's time you started counting your death hours.
This is a war for 'enduring freedom,'
And to bury you within your own delineated kingdom.
Even death would not want you to embrace,
As you've lost your face, by falling deep below grace.
United States will always remain 'United,'
And as a paragon of courage, it'll be the first to be cited.

Tracing you is not a complex task,
You'll be discovered even in your mask.
You just cannot achieve what you thought,
Because from me, your death you've bought.
Don't ever dream that I'll be your next prey,
Your target at me, may hit you, by going astray.


More By  :  P. Mohan Chandran

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