Theme: Disgust


Revulsion -
That is what I feel for you
The look of you,
The sight of you,
The thought of you
Injects in me
Absolute Revulsion.

It is a feeling so Deep
I cannot puke it out
Even if I wish to
So I keep taking it in
All over my body,
Mind and heart
That wretched feeling of
Absolute Revulsion.

It seeps in me
Soaks me in
Like blood-stained clothes
On a wounded body
And I lie there
Writhing in pain
Bleeding in agony
Almost anemic
With that sordid feeling of
Absolute Revulsion.

Living it every day
Is like re-living death
In a lifeless body
Yet when death pities me
And comes to relieve me
Snuffing out the life
With its stroke of eternity
That day I die,
My dejected soul
Would bid you adieu,
With that lifetime feeling of
Absolute Revulsion.

Yes, that very Revulsion
Which eats into me
Like gnawing termites
With every memory of you
I have within me
It reminds me of my
Haunting past

And I feel empty and hollow
Like rotting wood
And the stench of it
Makes me feel all the more
Sick and tired with
Absolute Revulsion
For you, you and only you.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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