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I wish that things were simple
But still had shades of gray.
I wish that things were simple
For each of us
Each day
I wish that things were simple
That our intentions were kept clear
I wish that things were simple
No need to be all weird

But things are not so simple
So what will come to pass?
Does hope become tarnished
While reality dims our world at last?
I personally don't think so
I think simplicity is good.
That it keeps things in order
And over time that it should

Pave the way for certainty
That love will be for sure
That even though we have less wealth
Simplicity is not obscure
That people will not think twice
About their fellow men
That they will reach out for one another
And fill their empty hands

I think I am this simple
This lie I know is true
If passion for life is
My bank account
Complication does not accrue
And when I look back on my life
And ponder where it has gone
I know I'll smile real, real wide
Because no matter how dark it gets
The sun is always on...


More By  :  Mandar Sane

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